Become an Angel for Animals

Our shelter serves as a temporary haven for hundreds of homeless pets each year. Through our Angels for Animals program, you can sponsor one cage or kennel, and every animal who resides in it, for an entire year.

Your sponsorship gift of $250.00 helps provide medical care, nourishing food, soft bedding, toys, treats, and love to every animal who occupies a single cage or kennel over the course of one year. And believe us, that’s a lot of animals!

A personalized plaque will be displayed on the cage or kennel of your choice, telling visitors that you are an Angel for every animal who resides there. You may also designate your sponsorship in honor or memory of a loved one and this information will also appear on your plaque.

Please consider becoming an Angels for Animals sponsor. On behalf of the many homeless pets who find their second chance at our shelter, thank you for being their Angel!