Featured Pets

Featured Pets: Mya, Scotch & Mojito, Rosie, Warren & Wynn

Mya - ADOPTED! I'm a lively girl who is affectionate, active, and intelligent. I can't live with cats, small animals, or domestic birds but I do well with most other dogs. I'm approved for families with respectful children and will be a great choice for someone who enjoys keeping their dog busy! Scotch & Mojito [...] Continue Reading

Featured Pets: Kit Kat, Randy, Elenore, Lily

Kit Kat - ADOPTED! I'm a sweet senior girl who enjoys lounging and relaxing. I can be a little sassy when I've had enough petting so I'm best suited for a home without younger children. If you value a calm and peaceful environment like I do, l'd love to spend my life chilling out with [...] Continue Reading

Featured Pets: Dakota, Pickles, Louise, Mila

Dakota - ADOPTED! I’m an expert lap cat with a calm and easy going attitude. I love giving and receiving affection, playing with toys, and making biscuits. Because I’m such a nice guy I should do well in a home with gentle children! Pickles - ADOPTED! I'm an 8 year old pitty mix who loves cuddles [...] Continue Reading

Featured Pets: Blackbeard, Zara, Phyllis, Fiona

Blackbeard - ADOPTED! They call me Blackbeard but I'm not the scourge of the seven seas. I'm just a friendly and independent boy who loves other cats. I'd enjoy living with a feline friend and would walk the plank to find an adopter who thinks I'm more precious than a chest of gold doubloons! Zara - ADOPTED! I'm a [...] Continue Reading

Featured Pets: Reggie, Junker Pete, Diesel, Poppie

Reggie - ADOPTED! I'm a 6 month old puppy with lots of energy. I'll need daily exercise and am best suited for an active individual or family. Puppy classes will help me learn good manners and I'll benefit from living with another dog who will show me the ropes and help me feel confident! Junker [...] Continue Reading

Featured Pets: Aero, Ilana, Leon, and Sneeze

Aero - ADOPTED! I'm a 2 year old mixed breed boy with a friendly and affectionate disposition. I love people, attention, and stuffed toys, and I seem to like most other courteous dogs. I'm approved for respectful children and will be a sweet addition to a caring and attentive family! Ilana - ADOPTED! I'm a [...] Continue Reading