SUNPAWERED Solar Project

THANK YOU to all of the amazing donors and grantmakers who made this project possible.  Thanks to your support the Humane Society of Jefferson County was able to successfully launch of SUNPAWERED Solar Project providing more than 70,000kWh of power to our shelter.  This represents a savings of nearly a quarter million dollars over the life of the system – money that is already going directly back into caring for animals in need.

The solar panels will be installed on the roof of the shelter, angled and positioned for maximum exposure to the sunlight.

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to the following donors for their amazing support of this project

  • Fort Atkinson Community Foundation
  • Lake Mills Communication Foundation
  • Focus on Energy
  • Renew Wisconsin
  • Couillard Solar Foundation

To see a live report of the power being generated at the shelter view our online dashboard.