Dr. Jeff Hamann Animal Medical Fund

Each year the HSJC goes above and beyond by caring for animals in need of special medical care.  The costs of this care often exceed $70,000 a year to cover surgery, medication, and other non-routine care for pets suffering from serious wounds or illness. Click here to learn more about this fund.

Your tax-deductible donation to this fund goes directly towards this lifesaving care.

Spay/Neuter Fund

The HSJC spays or neuters every dog, puppy, cat, kitten and rabbit prior to adoption.  Spaying and neutering decreases the number of unwanted pets and prevents diseases common in unaltered animals, such as certain cancers.

Your donation to our Spay/Neuter fund supports this fundamental aspect of responsible sheltering and pet ownership!

Animal Enrichment Fund

Dog treats and cat toys are some of the items most beloved by our animals. Your support for the Animal Enrichment Fund creates a comfortable and stimulating environment for our beloved guests.

These essential items, like bedding, toys, scratching posts, and bones, help animals stay physical and emotionally healthy, which means they’re more easily adopted!