Featured Pets: Aero, Ilana, Leon, and Sneeze

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I’m a 2 year old mixed breed boy with a friendly and affectionate disposition. I love people, attention, and stuffed toys, and I seem to like most other courteous dogs. I’m approved for respectful children and will be a sweet addition to a caring and attentive family!

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Ilana – ADOPTED!

I’m a very energetic herding breed mix puppy who will need kind and consistent training. I’m not a “sit around looking pretty” kind of girl and will need lots of exercise. I’m approved for respectful children and will be a great companion for an active individual or family!



I’m a beautiful boy who’s a real love muffin. I’m not very subtle and will rub myself all over you and give you head bumps when I want attention. My philosophy is that every day should be full of love and happiness, and I’m looking for an adopter who feels the same way!


Sneeze – ADOPTED!

I’m a 1 year old guinea pig who’d love to squeak my way into your heart. Guinea pigs usually prefer living in pairs or trios, but I’m a “lone wolf” kind of guy who’d rather have my cage and play area all to myself!

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