Hi, I'm Dreamsicle - Working Cat!!

Does your barn, workshop or outbuilding need vermin control? I'm ready to help! I'm unsocialized with people, so I'm not your typical housecat and have little interest being pet or held, but I do want a home to call my own!

Working cats should be adopted in pairs, and the staff at HSJC will help you determine the best set of cats for your circumstances. Working cats are already spayed/neutered and vaccinated and their adoption fees are waived. We simply ask that you feed and provide shelter for your feline employees for the remainder of their lives!

I'm on a stray hold and not currently available for adoption.

If you know my owner please call or email the shelter at 920-674-2048 or shelter@hsjc-wis.com. We cannot take adoption requests for stray animals. We are not able to guarantee if or when an animal will be available for adoption through our shelter. If you are interested in adopting a stray animal, please keep an eye on our adoption listings. We are not able to notify individuals when an animal is made available for adoption.

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